Esção(n~m~p) is an old "new" computer architecture proposal. Its purpose is to eliminate Von Neumann's bottleneck.

Its hence referred as Old "new" as it is a new approach to an old-fashioned computer architecture.

Esção is a Portuguese acronym which stands for Engenharia de Sistemas de Computação Automatizada Otimizada (Optimized Automated Computing Systems Engineering).

As it presents an asynchronous nature, Esção(n~m~p) machines can also be used to implement Asynchronous Computers or Clock independent Computers.

There are some other people working on this subject...

Most of our development stays at sourceforge CVS at:

The article A Solution of the General Model for a Digital System tries to explain how Esção works.

There are also a couple of excellent papers written in Portuguese by Dr. Leo Weber:

You can get more on "Computers without Clocks" (or Asynchronous Computers) on and

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